Can You Stop Being Jealous?


One of the features of jealousy is that when people experience it, they often feel as if their reactions or their thoughts are out of their control.


If you are experiencing jealous anxieties and worrying that your partner or someone you love may betray your trust or be unfaithful to you, then you may be tempted to lash out or to try to control or stop them from acting freely. In many cases this can be disastrous because the person you love can react to your possessiveness and attempts to control their behaviour in one of two ways: either by getting angry at your jealous actions and heated words or else by withdrawing and trying to hide their feelings from you.


Using Self Hypnosis to Stop Jealousy


Self hypnosis can help you to overcome your jealous anxieties and thoughts by:

Self hypnosis is about helping you to become empowered so that you can replace negative jealous thoughts with positive, calm and healthy thoughts. For information about an instantly downloadable MP3 program by renowned hypnotist Richard MacKenzie, which teaches self hypnosis to help you stop jealousy affecting your relationships, and which costs less than the price that you might pay for a 3 course meal, click on the link below:


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