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Below are links to websites where you can find products or services and other information for helping with jealousy issues:


Website Definition of Jealousy

Definitions of Jealousy from the online Wikipedia encyclopedia.


Overcoming Jealousy - How to Overcome Jealousy

A practical guide in E-book format to assist you in overcoming jealousy.


Stop Jealousy

Discussions and thoughts on jealousy and related topics.



An introduction to the topic of jealousy and how to deal with it.


Hypnosis for Jealousy

Website provided downloadable hypnosis MP3s for a range of self help topics including one for overcoming jealousy.


Short Men are the Most Jealous

Article on the BBC website arguing that short men tend to be more jealous than tall men!


Coaching for Jealousy

Telephone coaching offered to provide support and assistance in coping with jealousy.


Low Self Esteem

Information about a Practical Guide to dealing with low self esteem.


Assertiveness Training

An assertiveness training eBook to help you be more assertive.


CBT Techniques for Negative Thinking

An ebook of cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help address negative thoughts.


AWAKE from Anxiety

Jealousy can be seen as a form of anxiety. This ebook Program takes you through exercises to deal with anxiety using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.


Self Coaching

Self coaching and self help ideas and resources including ebooks on jealousy



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